Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Wow...... I'm not sure I can remember everything that has gone on over the past few days and that is just on my end of things, not to mention what Craig and Charles have been up to. But since most people tune into this blog for the trucking side of it, I'll start with Craig first.

Monday morning it took about 2 hours to get loaded at Johanna Beverage Co. in Spokane, WA. From there they drove to Marysville, WA to meet up with a heavy haul driver who was coming back from Canada. They swapped trailers, the heavy haul taking the loaded one right back into Canada again, and Craig and Charles had his empty trailer. It is now about 4pm, and they are dispatched to the Fred Meyer DC in Puyallup, WA to drop the empty and hook up to a loaded trailer with a 10pm ready time. Upon arriving in Puyallup at 8pm, they find the trailer loaded and ready to go well ahead of schedule.

With the Thanksgiving holiday, it seems there is a major rush to get food items out to the stores, and there were quite a few of our other TWT drivers also there to pick up loads as well. Craig's assignment was for two drops, one in Wenatchee and the other in Spokane. That meant that he would be doing some major night driving, while Charles got the pleasure of getting some sleep after doing all the driving during the day.

By 9am this morning, they were unloaded and headed back to the company yard. It wasn't until while talking to Craig this afternoon that he received his next assignment. They are headed to Quincy, WA to pick up frozen french fries and heading down to the LA area to Walnut, to make the delivery on Friday morning. Looks like plenty of driving in their future to make the appointment time, and it will at least keep them busy and not sitting over the holiday.

As for me, I am constantly reminded how busy a household is with two children, and just how much work goes into keeping it running. I am more than happy to lend a hand as often as I can, but also looking forward to getting back on the truck with Craig and getting back into our nice little routine. What a blessing it is for me to get to have the opportunity to experience it all through the friends and family I get to stay with through out the year!

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