Friday, November 13, 2009


An apple a day gets you just that much closer to coming home. Craig volunteered for the early morning driving Thursday, as they made their way to the apple region of Washington State. With wet fog, and temperatures well below freezing, the drive was a bit tricky with an empty trailer and icy roads. Craig assured me that there was only a little bit of slipping and sliding, but I think he sugar coated it a bit for my benefit. Their arrival in Selah, WA was ahead of schedule and it didn't take long for them to get the apples on board. Craig called ahead to their next stop to see if they could come in early. He was told to "come on down", and they were in Moxee City for yet some more apples. Arriving early didn't necessarily mean of course that they would be loaded early, and such was the case in Moxee City. But just 30 minutes past their appointment time, they were loaded and on their way to scale out the load. Craig continued to drive and made it to their first fuel stop in Biggs Junction, OR where Charles took over. Their stop there wasn't without a little bit of drama, as the fuel islands at the Pilot always seem to be busy with drivers jockeying for position for an open pump. Seems one driver took exception to a couple of other drivers finding an open pump before him and he tried to take his frustration out on them, but he was soon subdued by a more alpha driver and he retreated to his truck. With a forecast for snow predicted in the early morning hours today, they stayed in La Pine, OR with Craig scheduled to start out the driving duties this morning very early in hopes of out running the storm. They will make another stop in Corning, CA for fuel, showers, and laundry and then make their way to Santa Nella, CA where they will stage for the 8am Saturday morning delivery.


Mom said...

The world does need a lot of apples

rosemary said...

Is there still and Andersen's in Santa Nella?


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