Sunday, November 22, 2009


It never fails, when you think you have the perfect plan, and then it crumbles around you. This was the case with this last home time. Craig and I thought it through and knew if he could get home on Sunday night/Monday morning he would be back on the board for a run by Wednesday. But with them not getting him back until Wednesday, he did go back on the board until Saturday morning, and when he called Friday afternoon to let them know, we knew it wasn't good news. With the holiday this week, all the drivers that can, were staying out over the weekend. I know, call us weird, but we work all the holidays by choice. Anyway, it looked like slim pickens for getting a load out Saturday. He did get an assignment, of a heavy haul trailer loaded with beer, for a delivery in Idaho and Montana, but when he went to scale out, he was 3,000 pounds overs on his drive axle with no way to adjust it, so just as quickly it was taken away. Charles did find his way back to the yard Yesterday afternoon, after getting a ride in Seattle from another trainer. Then later in the day, Craig was told that his next assignment would be Monday morning, at 5am at Johanna Beverage in Spokane, (again with a heavy haul trailer), and take it to the company drop yard in Pacific, WA. From there we don't know what he will get to get them through the holiday week and back on track running hard again. As for me, I made it into Walla Walla, WA Friday night and am already helping to plan the Thanksgiving festivities at my friend Cori's house. I heard from Craig this morning and there is already 3 inches of snow on the ground in Spokane. Should be a lot of fun later today when he gets Charles out in the yard and has him practice his backing skills. The pictures posted are from when we left our home on Friday and made our trek into Spokane.

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I'm dreaming of a white christmas let it snow let it snow


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