Wednesday, November 04, 2009


There is so much I want to talk about, but on the other hand, I really can't. It's not really my story to tell as it is Craig's life he is living. The life of a trainer can be a real struggle at times. I can relate to his experiences, with all those years of training new dispatchers. Learning how each one learns.....are they visual or audio learners, do they learn best by hands on, or no matter how you try your best, will they learn at all?

Craig has been on both sides, as a trainee when he first started out, and now as a trainer for other new drivers. To say it is an easy undertaking couldn't be further from the truth, especially when you throw into the mix being confined in a 3 foot square space with a complete stranger for weeks at a time. There really is no getting away from one another, and it has to be a two way street with both parties involved. You have to liken it to an arranged marriage, and you do your best to survive the first few weeks with someone you don't even know or have anything in common with, other than the desire to drive a truck.

I listen and sympathize with Craig when he calls to vent about some of the frustrations he faces while out on the road training. I remind him of his own beginnings and what he would have liked to have seen done differently. I encourage him to continue, as I hope the outcome will be another competent driver like Craig out on the roads. Yes, there are lots of stories I could write about, but the cat has definitely got my tongue!

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adozeneggs said...

Oh, I hear you. I spent a good 4 years as the Training Manager for Filene's Basement in Downtown Boston and it ain't easy. Plus I'm dealing with my own frustrations dealing with employees and training right now.
Is he at least almost done with his trainee??


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