Sunday, March 09, 2008


Like most of the Midwest, we have had our share of snow the last 24 hours. I know is is part luck, but also partly Craig planning so well, that we arrived in Montreal just as the snow started to fall, and fall it did. Hour after hour we would peek out of our truck and see the snow increasingly grow inch by inch, and when you thought it would stop, the wind hit. Talk about rocking and rolling, it was as if someone was on the outside of our truck pushing it from side to side. Ice crystals were forming on the inside of the window as we tucked ourselves into our beds for the night and hoped for the best when we awoke.

What we awoke to was a stark whiteness of snow everywhere. As we trudged through knee deep snow to go inside and take showers and do laundry, we wondered how anyone was going to get out of the parking lot, let alone onto the roadways. But while we were inside, they brought out their army of equipment to deal with all this snow.

First there were the front loaders

Then the pickups with a plow attachment
Then the snow blower
And finally when all else fails, the man powered snow shovel

And by the time we had put away laundry, and cleaned up the truck, the parking lot was once again drivable. There were still gusts of wind blowing snow, and clouds still covered the skies, but the sun was making an effort to be seen. We are thankful to have another day to sit it out and wait for the roads to be cleared before we make our way west to make our delivery in Ontario on Monday. So with the Sun shining, we sit and wonder where we will be sent next, but wherever it might be, we hope our luck will continue to be with us, along with the Sun!


Mom said...

Your nomadic life style would be hard for me, but I love reading about your adventures.

John said...

Amen. I was able to sit at home and watch it all fall. Nothing like watching the snow while your NOT moving. Be safe.

Anonymous said...

well it could be hot and humid


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