Monday, March 03, 2008


We rolled into Bucyrus, Ohio, Sunday morning and went straight to the boat plant to drop off the trailer. With the snow on the ground, and the warmer weather melting said snow, it was like a big mud hole wherever we went. Just what we needed after getting our truck and trailer all washed! We found the weekend guard who let us into the yard and then thanks to John, we knew exactly where to go to find the Wal Mart to restock our supplies. Unfortunately, the info about the Starbucks, which at first made my heart beat faster, will not be on our routing when we leave Bucyrus, so I'll just have to file that bit of info away for another time.

We bob tailed to the truck stop in town to spend the night, we even treated ourselves to try a Bob Evans Restaurant for a salad for dinner. We see these restaurants all over the country and since we have never eaten at one, we thought we'd give it a try. Both Craig and I thought it was pretty much in line with a Cracker Barrel.

Upon arising in the morning we drove to the boat plant, waited just a little while before they had us hook up to our trailer and drive into the loading bay. With the local radio station blaring, they went to work putting on four little Sea Ray boats on our trailer which will be headed to Forest Park, Georgia and Orlando, Florida.

Now we all know how much Craig and I just love warm, humid weather (insert sarcasm here), so we are hoping that our stay will be short lived and we will head towards cooler weather. But as the saying goes, be careful for what you wish for............... but I think I'll take my chances.


rosemary said...

Oh come know you love frizzy hair.

Just me-Jerri said...

I looked to see if you would be driving by us as I was unsure where that town in GA was....but it appears as if you will be going down the other side of the state and away from the coast. Hope you have safe and happy travels through my temporary home state. (We are military--so home is wherever the military sends us!)


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