Thursday, March 13, 2008


After leaving Rockport, ON, we made it as far as London, ON before shutting down for the night. We decided to get a very early start, as in 12am Pacific time, to beat the truck traffic that would be at the border. So blurry eyed, we got up, filled our coffee mugs, and off we went. Very early morning driving does make for less traffic filled highways, but is lousy for picture taking. We made it to the border, and had our shortest wait ever at the Port Huron crossing.

Our newest dispatch has us going to our favorite boat plant in Pipestone, MN, and delivering two boats to Grand Island, NY and one to Quakertown, PA. As we made our way west, our sights were set on our next fuel stop in Gary, IN and a truck and trailer wash. Along with all the dirt and grim, we were hoping that the wash would take care of most of the snow that was still tagging along with us on our truck and trailer. Another good thing about Gary, IN is that a company yard is located there, and after fueling and the wash, we were headed there to get some work done on the truck. With a minor service, and 8 new drive tires put on, we were ready to take on Chicago.

We have found that if we drive through Chicago between 10am and 3pm, there doesn't seem to be the back up of traffic, and the drive goes much smoother. We just managed to get through before the commute traffic started and settled into the TA truck stop in Hampshire, IL, for the night. Getting up again at 12am, we started towards the boat plant to get there in time to have the trailer loaded and still have time to get a hundred miles or so under our belt before we called it a day. We are wanting to deliver the boats in NY on Friday instead of Monday, and then stage near Quakertown, PA over the weekend and reset Craig's driving hours. If we can accomplish that, we just may be able to go back to our normal sleep pattern and I might get a chance to put my camera to use again!


rosemary said...

I tagged you for a meme...don't know if you will want to put it on your blog or not.....

Mark said...

Diane, another great post. What's sleep? Check out my blog if you get a chance I used one of your pictures and linked back to you. Thanks again for the permission.


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