Thursday, March 06, 2008


It didn't take Craig or I long to figure out, while traveling on Interstate 95 in Florida, near Daytona Beach, that it was Bike Week. Every where you looked, or on any road you traveled, there were people out on their motorcycles enjoying the sunshine, and dare I say, nice weather. It was 70 degrees, a cool breeze blowing, and I felt no humidity. Seems like something to celebrate to me, but since Craig and I sold our motorcycles when we took off on our trucking adventure, we'll have to postpone joining the festivities of Daytona Beach Bike Week for another time.

As I mentioned, we spent the night in the dealership parking lot, and watched this morning as the employees shuffled into work wearing the Florida uniform of the day, a work shirt with dark blue shorts, and let me tell you, the knobbly knees were out in force. When summoned by the unloader, we had quite a little maze to drive into to get back to the hoist, that when completely backed up to it, our truck was sticking into the showroom floor.

With a now empty trailer, Craig did some impressive backward maneuvering to make his way back out of the lot, so much so, that the unloader even commented on his driving abilities. I was all to happy to agree with his assessment, as the next boat driver nervously made his way into where we just exited. An empty call was entered into the computer and with that we were on our way, just 60 miles away, to Edgewater, Florida, to the Boston Whaler Plant. The loaders went about putting on a big 24 footer that is headed to Rockport, Ontario, Canada, and two tiny 13 footers that will find a new home in Meredith, New Hampshire.
I know, I know.......a little good, a little bad. We are heading north and to much, much cooler weather, but we will also have to cross into Canada and deal with the paperwork of a border crossings. I am hoping soon to get out of the east coast run we seem to be stuck in and head west as we would like to get into Washington state to order our cabin and change our residency.

We stopped for the night in Florence, South Carolina and took off this morning to get in 500 miles as quickly as we can so that we can get in our 10 hour rest period and take on New Jersey and New York City in the predawn hours tomorrow. Our hope is to deliver the two little boats in New Hampshire by Friday afternoon. Then it's just the border crossing and a delivery on Monday morning in Ontario, Canada. Should be a piece of cake......or not. I'll let you know either way!

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