Wednesday, March 19, 2008


At the appointed hour, an employee drove to where we were parked and escorted us to where we were to pick up the boat, and I am glad he did. We would have never attempted the little more than a single lane dirt road tucked in behind the mall, if we hadn't had reassurances that we would be able to get back out again. The business itself, was basically a one man operation. He does warranty work on Sea Ray and Baja boats and was happy to have us pick up this boat which had been there ready for over three weeks. This was an easy load, a 25 foot boat on a trailer, which could be placed directly on our trailer, and 6 straps later, we were headed to Lake George, NY.

With only 200 miles to our delivery destination, we were routed on a few remote state highways to get us through New Hampshire, Vermont, and upstate New York through the Adirondack Park. It was a beautiful drive, one which I am sure is even more beautiful in the Fall, passing small quaint little towns, churches, and even a couple of covered bridges.

The marina in Lake George was a bit tricky to get to. I know, how boring would our adventures be if all the places we delivered to were a piece of cake to get into. The first entrance comes at you too quickly to turn into, and we were told to go to the second entrance, pass it up, and then back into the driveway. Trying to get backed to where they wanted us to unload the trailer, we ended up blocking the roadway a short time, which it seemed, the locals didn't mind.

It was comical to stand by and watch as the three employees tried to figure out how best to take the boat off the trailer. After a few attempts, they finally figured out their mode of attack, and the boat was safely taken off. As they finished up, I took the opportunity to take a few pictures of the lake, and watch as the geese flew by making their presence known.

With an eye on the radar maps of the approaching storm, we put in our empty call and were told to head to Cumberland, Maryland to pick up two boats which will, in deed, be headed west, extremely west, all the way to Surrey, British Columbia, Canada. It's a great trip with lots of miles, and we are both looking forward to going back through very familiar territory and away from the congested, big east coast cities, however, Craig and I both agreed, that in the future, we would love to come back to the New England area in the Fall, and on something much smaller than an 18 wheeler!


Mark said...

Diane, Your pictures continue to amaze me. You have a great way of capturing the moment. Keep up the great post. When your up into the Syracuse, Ny area again let me know and I'll tell you where the good places to eat are.There is always somewhere to park a truck nearby.

Anonymous said...

Are you going to the same place you went to last year,in Surrey.

CRAIG & DIANE said...

Mark -
Thanks, taking the pictures is what I really enjoy, but the challenge is taking them while in a jolting, moving 18 wheeler. I'll be sure to contact you next time we are in your area.

Anon -
Craig and I both laughed wondering if you might be able to tell us where we did deliver in Surrey. We can't remember if we have been there before or not, but I think it is, Olympic Boat on the Frazier Hwy near 84th Street. I'm going to try and bring it up on satellite to see if it jogs our memory.

Anonymous said...

I remember the pic of the the truck on the Alex Frazer bridge


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