Sunday, March 16, 2008


How's this for a reality check, $4.25 per gallon. I don't think the $5.00 per gallon fuel prices are too far away! We left New York State, after resetting Craig's driving hours, making use of our shower coupons and the laundry facilities at the Flying J. We were both surprised at how empty the lot stayed while we were there. We caught a few light snow showers as we headed east and then south into Pennsylvania. Stopped for fuel in Gibson, PA and that was where we saw for the first time that fuel had hit over $4.00 a gallon, either that or we just haven't been paying too close attention lately. I know now why the Company only wanted us to get 50 gallons at this stop!
With only another 120 miles after fueling to our delivery location, we found the small truck stop 2 miles from the dealer and called it a day. We have gotten back to our old sleeping patterns the last couple of nights and will get to continue it for at least another day, as the dealer will not be open until 9am tomorrow morning, and that is a reality I can live with for the moment.


sandy said...

I drive a school van for our district and I wonder how the do it? They contract for a year at a time, not expecting these gas prices,I don't know how they cover the loss!
I don't blog, but I love ready yours. Allows me to travel without leaving home.

CRAIG & DIANE said...

Sandy -
Thanks for coming along with us on our journey across the country. There is always room to take in the sights with us.

rosemary said...



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