Thursday, March 20, 2008


After leaving Lake George, we spent the night at a gas station with room to park about 5 trucks in Bethel, PA. This left us about 160 miles to get to Cumberland to pick up the boats headed to Canada. Stopping for fuel in Harrisburg, PA, we rolled into the Trophy boat plant at 9am and were loaded, with Customs paperwork in hand by 10am. With everything going so smoothly, we were aiming for a Monday afternoon delivery in Surrey.

The storm which we had been keeping an eye on was crossing our path, as a light rain had started falling during the night, and as we drove northwest into Pennsylvania the rain continued along with the gray overcast misty skies....... call me crazy, but that is my kind of weather!

Most of the day Wednesday was spent on turnpikes, with the mandatory stop at one of the service plazas for a Starbucks. I imagined the plazas would have been busier during this spring break time, but was pleasantly surprised to obtain my prized latte before the big tour bus rolled in!

With most of Craig's available driving hours used, we managed to put Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Ohio behind us as we pulled into the first service plaza in Indiana. With our sights set on Chicago and Minneapolis to get through today, we decided to start as early as was legally possible, and set the alarm for 12am. With Chicago safely behind us, we were in our comfort zone back in Central time and on our familiar Interstate 90/94.

We stopped for the night at a Petro in Clearwater, MN. If you are ever driving through on I94 you have got to stop by. This is not your normal Petro. Inside is the Nelson Bros. Baking Company with baked goods, sweets, a coffee bar and deli to satisfy any craving you might have. You will not find the normal truck stop food at this place. We had to buy some cinnamon fritter bread to take with us in the truck for breakfast the next couple of mornings. Yes, not only are we back in our comfort zone, but we found some comfort food as well!

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rosemary said...

And, the label says no cholesterol...but then the calories, but with this kind of bread, who cares, right?


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