Friday, March 21, 2008


"Fooled You"....... I am certain that is what Mother Nature was saying yesterday, the first day of Spring. We were enjoying a sunny day, blue skies, and the dwindling mounds of snow melting, leaving patchy portions of soil anticipating the day when it would be tilled for planting season. So as we went to sleep last night, we had nothing on our minds but a good nights sleep. Sure, we watched The Weather Channel, as we do most nights, but didn't listen closely enough, because upon arising this morning, we were once again thrust into a Winter Wonderland. This, after last night informing my Mother to let my Niece know that she won't be needing all those jackets, scarfs, and mittens she was packing for when she visits Minneapolis, MN on Sunday for two weeks.

But with over 600 miles slated for us to travel this day, we had an early start, and in the predawn darkness we took off. I checked the weather radar maps on the computer and saw that the further west we go, we should be driving out of the storm cell. With the snow plows going the opposite direction than us, we tried to find the lane markings and reflector signs to guide us on our way. I say "we", but actually it was Craig doing all the work. I stayed busy typing this blog entry, with an occasional glance up to see what the roads looked like. Sometimes it's just better to be like a turtle and pulls one's head into the shell until it's safe to stick it back out again.

Trouble is, the way the roads were and at the rate the snow was falling, my head would have been buried for most of the day. We did have one " oh crap" moment, and decided to take a break in Fargo, ND to change underwear and send in a message to dispatch, that any hopes of delivering on Monday were now out of the question, our new delivery date would be Tuesday, if we didn't run into any more storms. Peeking again at the weather radar on my computer, and knowing of the three big passes, Lookout, Fourth of July, and Snoqualmie, left yet to get over, I wouldn't bet the farm that Tuesday would work either. After all, I'd rather be there in one piece and a day or two late, than, well, I don't even want to think about it, I'm putting my head back into my shell.


rosemary said...

Yup, Diane there is snow falling as I type...we got another 4 inches last night of heavy wet snow and it is sitting at 34 right now. From what we have heard on the local channels, the passes are wet and slushy, but if it warms up that might pass.

FleetcardsGal said...

This winter is neverending! Please, let it be actual Spring soon! (I also tend to duck down and not watch the roads when my husband is driving. I tend to panic a bit too much if I can see.)


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