Saturday, March 08, 2008


We did our 500 miles and rolled into Elton, Maryland, right on the Maryland/Delaware border around noon Thursday. We had to force ourselves to try and get some sleep, as we were going to be back on the road again in 10 short hours, so that we could take advantage of doing some night driving going through New Jersey and New York, when the traffic would be lighter. It was a great plan, and it also ensured that we would make our first delivery in Meredith, NH three days earlier than expected.

What we didn't expect were the roads leading to the dealership and how remote it was from the Interstate. Thankfully the boats were strapped down good, but Craig and I took a beating inside the cab of the truck, going over the rough, pot hole, bumpy roads. I had to hang on for dear life to my laptop to keep it from flying out of my hands, as I tried to give Craig the correct directions to the dealer. But with anything that take a little work, it is usually worth the effort, and this area of New Hampshire is beautiful even in the middle of winter.

The houses along the small country road looked like they came out of a Norman Rockwell painting, some small, some large, but each one looking like a picture post card with a snowy landscape. We slowed down to allow the locals to get by us and be on their way, as we bounced our way into the driveway of the dealership and was flagged into an unloading area. The two small boats were quickly taken off our trailer, as we went about making sure the big boat was secured down for our return trip back out of town.

We could have stayed on their property for the night, but with a storm headed our way, we wanted to be out a remote area and back near the Interstate where they would keep the roads clear. We found a small rest area at the New Hampshire/Vermont border and shut down for the day as it was only noon. We were both tired, but managed to stay awake long enough to eat something and watch a snowy television screen telling us about the snow headed our way. But none of it worried us too much as we were in need of some sleep and that's exactly what we did.

We awoke this morning refreshed, looked out the window to see a fresh coating of snow, and the skies clear. We figured this was our opportunity to take advantage of a break in the weather, and we headed toward the Canadian border, where we received our stamps of approval on our paperwork and we were on our way towards Montreal. We are currently staying at the Flying J, just outside of Montreal and about 130 miles from our delivery Monday morning in Rockport, Ontario. We will be here long enough to do a reset of Craig's driving hours and some down time to rest, relax, and watch some old movies. We are still close enough to the USA to receive our satellite TV signal and Craig is enjoying a John Wayne marathon on AMC.............thankfully I have the Internet!

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John said...

You guys have more tv in your truck than I have in my house. NO FAIR! No cable here. Not worth the money to have the kids sit around and do less than they already do.


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