Monday, March 24, 2008


We started out very early this morning at 2am after hitting the store for a nice hot large cup of coffee. Fortified with caffeine, we made our way through the rest of Montana and into Idaho, with a stop at the Wal Mart in Smelterville, ID. This particular Wal Mart is never crowded, but at 5am we literally had the store and parking lot all to ourselves. What a treat it was going up and down the aisles with only the empty boxes strewn around the floor to maneuver around.

With our cupboards full with another two weeks worth of food, we headed toward the Company yard to fuel up and get some supplies. Craig was able to get another month's worth of log pages, a new fancy log book, trip envelopes, and receipt book. Then it was off to the wash bay to try and rinse off the salt and dirt that had accumulated on the truck and trailer. With a quick stop to say hello to our dispatcher Katie, we were headed toward the border.

We couldn't have asked for nicer weather. I'm beginning to think The Weather Channel exaggerates a bit as the weather systems they said we would have the last couple of days have never developed as far as we could tell and we basked in the sunlight as it streamed in through our windows. There was still plenty of snow on Snoqualmie Pass, but the roads were dry and the traffic light.

We called it a night in Ferndale, about 25 miles from our delivery destination in the morning. Being back on Pacific time we find ourselves with plenty of time on our hands and an opportunity to stay up late tonight and watch some TV, that is if we can stay awake. But thankfully, right across the parking lot from the truck stop is a McDonald's which serves their new coffee drinks. With my large iced latte within hands reach, I betting I just may be able to stay awake to watch a show or two.

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Anonymous said...

Craig & Diane, I like the Weather channel a lot. But even they make mistakes. You know who is still mad at me. Soooo. I'm so JEALOUS of you guys.:) Really. What a way to see the country. And hey, they even pay you for it. What a great Country we live in huh! I'm justa saying.


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