Sunday, March 23, 2008


As we headed west away from the storm, we started seeing better road and weather conditions, so much so, that the snow was only in patches again. In Beach, ND we called it a day and were happy to see the little coffee shack open for business. With our java treats in hand we set up the satellite to watch some TV and see what The Weather Channel was predicting for our future. Seeing nothing but some rain showers for the day ahead we decided to sleep in and be on the road by 3am.

Leaving as early as we do, we are afforded the opportunity to see sunrises we would never had been able to see in our previous life. Just one of the many bonuses of having a lifestyle on the road with an ever changing scenery. Stopping in Rosebud, Montana for a short break, we walked to the bluff overlooking the river and marveled at the beauty before us.

Inhaling the cool crisp morning air, and our spirits renewed, we got back into the truck to put as many miles as we could before Craig's driving hours ran out. We got as far as Missoula, Montana, which will be our home for the next 34 hours. We plan on leaving very early Monday morning to stop by our favorite Wal Mart in Idaho before staging on this side of the border for a Tuesday morning deliver.

Both Craig and I wish our family and friends a Happy and Blessed Easter Sunday!


sandy said...

And a very Happy Easter to the both of you

rosemary said...

Where is your favorite Idaho Wally World? Close to me? email and let me know....I'll come and be your greeter if it's in Sandpoint.

Mom said...

What a beautiful sunrise service!

Mark said...

Diane, This might be one of the best pictures you have taken yet. That's hard to say . You take such awesome pictures!!

Jennie said...

Wow, you're making me want to be a trucker. That is gorgeous. What a life!


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