Tuesday, October 26, 2010


After inheriting this trailer full of meat in Dunnigan, CA Saturday afternoon, we have over the past two day, delivered to 5 Food 4 Less stores......two in Stockton, one in Manteca, one in Paso Robles, and finally one in San Luis Obispo.  For the two deliveries in Stockton, we had to once again be creatures of the night, and  start driving at 12:30am Sunday morning from Dunnigan to Stockton .  The first stop went like clockwork.  Our appointment time was 3am, we were there about 30 minutes early, but as soon as the meat guy showed up at 3am, we were unloaded in 15 minutes and on our way to our second drop.

Once at our second stop, Craig walks to the door to check in, only to be met by the dairy guy, who was puzzled as to why he was needed to unload meat.  Craig informed him that he just got here, but there was another guy who he saw walking away when he got to the door.  That other guy?  Well "she" was within ear shot, and promptly called Craig an asshole, and then gave the dairy guy her paperwork.  Sheez, as Craig tried to tell her, all he saw was her back and apologized to her and came back to the truck.

The dairy manager had already told Craig that it would take about two hours to unload the dairy truck, so we hunkered down with Craig taking a nap, and I took to my computer.  Sure enough, about two hours later, the dairy tuck pulls out and  we back in.  After 6 pallets of meat were unloaded, we took the opportunity to do a bit of shopping, and stocked up our pantry before heading to the company yard to await the rest of our deliveries for the next day.

This morning, we had an easy unload in Manteca, CA and then headed down our beloved Interstate 5 to Highway 41 to make our way into Paso Robles.  A quick 30 minutes there, and we were off again to San Luis Obispo, CA.  Totally loving the weather there by the way.  The ocean breeze was refreshing, the air crisp, and the sun shining.  Once again, it took all of about 30 minutes and we were finally done with our marathon deliveries at Food 4 Less.  Gotta say, these types of runs are all the better due to the friendly, professional employees we encountered along the way.  Here's a collective "atta boy" for Food 4 Less employees.

So now we find ourselves empty and on the move once again, this time to Salinas, CA to stage for a nice light produce run.  It'll be a nice change from these heavy meat loads, plus we'll get to enjoy the wonderful coastal weather for one more day.

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Pat said...

This picture made me think about you two having to sleep in the back of the truck. I guess bus drivers have to sleep below.



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