Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Craig drove just about 10 hours Monday night, to get us into the rest area just west of Klamath Falls, OR.  We were happy to see that there were still several parking spaces available at10pm, but as we were walking back to the truck, after using the facilities, we saw a long line of trucks pulling into the rest area.  Sometimes timing is everything!
As soon as our mandatory 10 hour break was done, we were back out on the road again, and planning our departure time for the Port of Oakland from the company yard in French Camp, to best try to avoid commute traffic.  But as we crossed the border of California, and passed through the Agricultural Inspection Station, the QualComm beeped with a message to call dispatch as soon as possible.  This could mean only one thing.....a swap of trailers, and we were more than happy to be of service, and get off of this container load and all the headaches that go with delivery to a Port and dealing with the paperwork.
Since we were only 40 miles from Weed, CA that was the designated swap spot, and within 30 minutes of our arrival, we were hooked up to our normal 53 foot trailer and headed right back in the direction in which we came from.  It gave me a second opportunity to take some photos along Highway 97, and get reacquainted with the road we travel on almost weekly.  I love the tiny little towns we pass, and the old, unused building left long ago abandoned.
We won't hold onto this trailer any longer than it will take us to get it into Pasco, WA, which is 450 miles away, as this load has three deliveries in Spokane, starting at 5am Wednesday morning.  We should make Pasco by 8pm, where yet another driver will take possession of this load and make the deliveries.  We've already been given another dispatch, to head to Tyson in Wallula again to pick up a loaded trailer and take it all the way to Arizona.  We're pretty confident that we will in fact, make a delivery on this one, at 2am Saturday morning in Tolleson, AZ.


Anonymous said...

still enjoy the pics. pulling into the rest area before everyone else is all about karma

Pat said...

and the weather is fabulous in AZ. It's overcast and in the 70's and 80's. I can't wait to get out of the office later today.

Love the pics.


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