Wednesday, October 06, 2010


All of you trucking enthusiasts out there will have to endure one more post about yard sale finds, as my days in Walla Walla, WA will officially end very early tomorrow morning, when I head up to Spokane to be reunited with Craig, after eight long weeks apart.  I am so excited to get back on the truck again, but will miss my adventures "picking" with my BFF Cori, that is until I make a return trip through Walla Walla in early December when I drive our pickup down to California for us to use during the winter months in the company yard in French Camp.
My husband has embraced my new love of junking so much, that he actually enjoys watching "American Pickers" on the Discovery Channel with me, and much to my delight, decided to send me a picture of a "pickers" dream not far from the yard in French Camp.  Thanks Honey, but due to the dogs you told me about guarding all those treasures, I think I'll pass even taking a quick look over the fence at that one!
Here is the group of items we finished up yesterday in our marathon two days of trying to get as much accomplished as we could before I leave.  Those two little round tables looked like this when I picked them up at an auction warehouse for only $5.00 each. 

 I think they are almost reminiscent of thread spools, when we decided to make them part of the collection of furniture we did using the old time face clock on them.  The tray table was also picked up at the auction warehouse for $10.00 including the glass top in perfect condition.  A little paint, a little distressing, a touch of burlap and some stenciling, and you got yourself the a great looking French shabby chic table that is the perfect size to fit anywhere.

I love how the little magazine rack turned out, and that octagon table with glass top was a steal for only $2.00 at a thrift store. 
Today we take some of the items over to the retail space and do a total revamp of the area, taking out items that have been there awhile and replacing them with new ones.  If last week is any indication of how sales will do, I'm sure Cori will be extremely busy in the coming weeks taking over more of our completed items and working on pieces we have lined up in her garage.  I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with her being creative and turning "junk" into "treasures".

In trucking news, Craig and Roy have delivered the bananas to Puyallup, WA and are awaiting word on the dispatch that will route them home to Spokane.  It will either be a late delivery tonight, or an early delivery tomorrow morning.  In either case, I'll be headed to Spokane early in the morning to meet up with Craig and then happily drive home to Usk to enjoy 10 days off together.  I'll be sure to post all about our adventures while on vacation, but more importantly, I am so looking forward to being back in the truck, and occupying my passenger seat to bring you our travels of life on the road!


Pat said...

The junking has been interesting, but I love hearing about the trucking. We've had some amazing down pours with hail in the last 24 hours. Temps are below 90 now. Hopefully, the boys didn't have to drive in any of it.

Pat said...

I had just finished showing a townhouse in Gilbert and was driving down Baseline road when I saw a green semi coming at me. Sure enough, it was my first TWT sighting.

I think it was a she and she was heading toward the fry's at Baseline and Gilbert roads. But, I really didn't see the driver that well.


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