Monday, October 11, 2010


The day after our train trip with Craig's parents, we had one more little adventure to go on.  Up where we live, north of Spokane, there is an area just lush with apple farms, and this time of year, they make every effort to attract the townsfolk out for a visit.  My favorite apple is the Honey Crisp, and I was lucky to find a crate full of fresh from the tree picked ones to purchase.  I also purchased some honey made from the bees that were used to pollinate the apple trees.
I had to think of my BFF Cori when I spied the house on the property, as she has a love of old farm houses, and this one, nestled amongst the pumpkin fields and apple orchards, would be just her cup of tea.  Across the dirt road from this property, I saw this big red barn.  Don't know how anyone couldn't appreciate the beauty of this barn, in fact, I liked the barn more than the modern house that was built next to it.
At our second apple farm stop of the day, they had a large retail store and bakery on the premises.  I spent a few minutes, sampling some of the wines they had for sale, and settled on two, which we have been thoroughly enjoying.  While listening to some live music being played outside, Craig's Dad purchased four, fresh from the deep fryer, apple spice donuts, which were quickly devoured.

Having Craig's parents come visit, gave us the opportunity to see some of the great things there are to do near our home.  We definitely will be checking out these areas again, and trying to add even more points of interest, in case we ever have any more out of town visitors.


Pat said...

We love Honey Crisps too. Has Craig delivered any to AZ? I'm sure they made it to our fridge.

The barn is fabulous. Too bad you couldn't get any inside shots.

Mom said...

I love fall and apple picking. I'm sure apple doughnuts will be on the menu in heaven.

Cori said...

What a perfect autumn setting.

I could look at that red barn over and over. It just scream "my favorite time of year".

Honey Crisps are the bomb : )




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