Thursday, October 28, 2010


Giants win, I'm at my Mom's house visiting for a few days, and we didn't get that light produce load we wanted.  Well, that's not exactly true.  After going empty in San Luis Obispo, CA Tuesday afternoon, we were told to head to Salinas and drop the trailer for a Fresh Express load.  Then, the QualComm beeps..........."change of plans.....head to Livingston, CA".   If that message would have come any later, we would have missed the opportunity to take a quick exit onto Highway 46, and would have had to do some major back tracking, not to mention eating up some limited driving time on Craig's clock.

But it did come in time, we did make the quick exit, and we did manage to pull into Los Banos, CA 30 miles from the Foster Farms Plant in Livingston, before the driving hours ran out.  We did get another great night of sleeping, showers, and an early start to Livingston for our drop/hook, where even the shipping clerk was surprised that our load was ready and waiting for us.  Paperwork in hand, old trailer dropped, new trailer hooked up, fuel at the TA just down the street, and we were headed towards Modesto,and our favorite drop off spot, where my Mom was waiting.

Of course you know she is never empty handed, and I know Craig was thinking the same thing, because as I was gathering up my belongings to be taken off the truck, he comes back to the door all smiles with his hands full of some home cooked goodness.  I like to think it eases the pain of being separated from me!

Craig headed north and drove as far as he hours allowed, into Canyonville, OR where he called me to see if I had switched to being a Ranger's fan yet.  I know enough about Giants torture to know that you never throw in the white towel with these guys, and they did not let me down. 

This morning, Craig is headed to Woodburn, OR to the WinCo for the first of his three stops.  Then it is onto the Columbia Cold Storage in Woodland, WA and finally ending up at Foster Farms in Kelso, WA at 3pm this afternoon.  Of course, we have no clue as to where he will be sent, or even when he will be back through Modesto to pick me up, for that we'll just have to wait and see......kinda like watching the World Series!

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Pat said...

Great start for the Giants. I really like the fact it is two fresh teams in the World Series. I am glad that the Yanks, Red Sox, Phillies aren't in it again. Of course, being a Reds fan it would have been nice. But, I don't think the Reds could have beaten the Giants either.

Makes me want to grow a beard.

Oh, Los Banos isn't that bathroom in spanish?


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