Friday, October 29, 2010


Yesterday was an interesting day, and I'll go on record saying that I was glad I wasn't with Craig.  His first drop went like clock work, in and out and onto his second stop.  He arrived on time, and when he went into the receiving clerks office, there seemed to be a problem with the paperwork.  He left the details to be worked out between them and Foster Farms and retreated back to the truck to wait. 

After about 45 minutes he rechecked again, and found the receiving clerk still perplexed.  She kept checking and couldn't figure out who had ordered the product.  Long story short, after another 15 minutes or so, it was finally figured out that the turkeys that were being delivered were for the employees for Thanksgiving.  Once that mystery was solved, their portion of the load was taken off and Craig was on his way again.

Thanks to the delay, he was on an ever so tight schedule to make his last drop.  In fact he was just 3 blocks away, following a Foster Farms truck to the complex, when he noticed flashing blue and red lights behind him.  More than a tad bit confused as to why he was being pulled over, he found a spot safely off the roadway and awaited the officer's arrival at his door.
Seems the officer was parked at the corner, and looking through binoculars, it was in his opinion, that Craig was not wearing his seat belt.  I will go on the record here, that Craig never starts up the engine of his truck without having his seat belt on, even if it is to drive around the parking lot and never go out onto the street.  So you can also imagine Craig's surprise at this revelation by the officer. 
So let me put into evidence, exhibit #1.......the bright yellow coat.   Now notice the black collar of the coat where a black shoulder strap would lie, and then continue across a dark blue t-shirt.  Craig explained that he would never say that the officer was mistaken in what he thought he saw through his binoculars, but that he was indeed wearing his seat belt.  A level 3 inspection was done, with Craig passing with flying colors, and then the officer admitting that maybe he was mistaken in what he saw.  He sent Craig on his way, and he was only a few minutes late to his last delivery.

On a lighter note................THE GIANTS WON!


Anonymous said...

Good things happen to good people like I say it's all about Karma

Plum Trucker said...

What a hassle. Glad it worked out well for Craig. Sometimes just being friendly and coroperative works out for the best. By the way I hate multiple stop drops and tight guys always seem to handle them with such grace. I'm a mess with them.


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