Sunday, October 10, 2010


Yesterday we went on a train ride.  We boarded an old passenger car and settled into relaxing with the rhythmic beat of the train riding the rails as we rode from Ione, WA to Metaline Falls, WA.  We thought it would be a fun afternoon activity to do while Craig's parents are visiting from California.  The weather held out for us, and the rain didn't fall until the ride was finished and dinner had been eaten.
All in all it was a pleasant afternoon taking in the quickly changing fall colors around us, while enjoying the lush greenery we have in abundance in Washington State.  While having the engine change ends of the train on our return trip, we had our train boarded by this young lad and his mother who had no trouble persuading people to donate to their "loot" bag to help with fund raising for the local community theater.
After getting Craig's parents on the correct road back to their hotel, we retreated to our own little oasis we call home, to indulge in a little cocktail to put a perfect ending on a perfect day.  Today we'll try to explore another area near us in hopes of finding a couple of apple farms with fall festivals, that is if the weather continues to cooperate!


Pat said...

Now that sounds like fun. I bet the kid was adorable.

We keep meaning to do the train that goes to the grand canyon, but haven't got around to it yet.

I know you guys didn't have your rig, but was there truck parking at the station?

Speaking of truck parking, have you guys signed the 'Jason's Law' petition yet? You can at this link,

Plum Trucker said...

This looks and sounds amazing, I am soo jealous. So glad you got to enjoy such a wonderful day. I cannot wait to go to Wasington State.


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