Friday, October 22, 2010


PHOTO BY: David Wallace/The Arizona Republic

Unlike the infamous Bridge to Nowhere in Alaska, the bridge pictured above, definitely takes you somewhere.  This is the Mike O'Callaghan - Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge, and it was just opened for public use on Wednesday.   Had one of our blog followers not told us about this new bypass, over the Colorado River and by the Hoover Dam, we would have driven 50 miles more than we needed to.  Heck, we didn't even know that this bridge was even being built over the past seven years.
                                                                    PHOTO BY: Michael Schennum/The Arizona Republic

According to Wikipedia, the bridge is the first concrete-steel composite arch bridge built in the United States. It includes the longest concrete arch in the Western Hemisphere and is believed to be the second-highest bridge in the nation.  Unfortunately for us, we crossed over this magnificent bridge under the cover of darkness, and were unable to fully appreciate the panoramic views offered while crossing it.
By the time the sun rose, we were well on the way to Phoenix after driving through Kingman, AZ and reconnecting back up with Highway 93 once again.  The only views we saw were  cactus and an abundance of crazy rock formations scattered all over the desert landscape.  After negotiating some interesting round abouts in Winkenburg, AZ, we had just 55 miles left to our final destination.
Shortly after 10am, we pulled into Phoenix, AZ after enduring some wicked road construction on Highway 60.  It was nice for a change, to see that trucks are not the only vehicles that have to endure restrictions.  While driving through Sun City, we saw quite a few signs posted, to have the golf carts a lot of the retirees drive, warning them to stay off the roadways during the road construction.


Anonymous said...

That is just to funny about golf carts.

Pat said...

gotta love the dam bridge. But, I'll miss driving over the dam. It was the highlight to driving to Vegas.

Linda said...

What a great view. I would have been hiding my eyes and praying the entire time.
Be safe.

Johnny said...

I’d much rather drive over that thing in the dark - It looks way to high for me! I saw a magazine that had a bunch of pictures of it being built and I couldn’t believe how tall that thing is


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