Tuesday, October 05, 2010


What you see in the photo was a day's worth of work transforming our yard sale finds into something great and unusual.  See the old farm door?  It was in someones burn pile when my friend Cori rescued it.  Attaching a board found in the garage, coating it with chalkboard paint, and then stapling some chicken wire in the other opening, and we have a great eye catching display for the retail space.  And if anyone wants to to buy it for their own farm house, it will also be for sale.
The red chest?  It was picked up for $2.00 and the little black table?  That was only $4.00.  How about that cute little black and burlap box with the two drawers?  Only paid 25 cents for that.  Isn't it amazing what a little paint and burlap can do?  How about the black board with the decorative wood applique?  That set me back a whole $1.00, and it is one of my finds that will not be sold, but taken home to hang on my own wall as a reminder of the fantastic three weeks that I spent with my very best friend, doing what we love best......junking!
All in all, everything you see in the group picture cost us a total of $17.00 including the paint and burlap to transform them into what we are proud to offer for sale in Cori's retail space in Walla Walla, WA.  With my days in Walla Walla coming to an end, we have but one more day to finish as many projects as we can today.  We have seven pieces lined up to work on today, and if our energy doesn't run out, we plan to finish them all before the day is done.
As far as Craig and Roy's progress heading north, they were detained longer than they wanted to, getting the trailer loaded at the Port of San Diego.  After spending the majority of the day sitting idle, they were more than ready to hit the road after getting loaded and scaled.  Since this load of bananas deliver early Wednesday morning, they will not have much extra time to spare on this trip, with both of them driving almost non stop with maybe a four hour cushion to play with.  Bottom line, Craig is happy to get every mile he can behind him, because that makes him that much closer to coming home, and for us to start our vacation time off together.


Anonymous said...

wonderful work. what an eye to take something from nothing and make something.

Linda said...

I love what you and Cori have done to your "junk" everything now looks like a treasure.

Creative_Wheeler said...

You've got my interest now! My husband has been following your blog for a few months and has told me about your adventures. He's a resident delivery driver and loves being on the road. He mentioned that you wrote about junking in Walla Walla so, I thought I would stop by and read your blog. I'm so glad that he told me - there are some very familiar things here. It's a wonderful read. Thanks for sharing your life as a trucker's wife.

~Creative Wheeler


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