Friday, October 08, 2010


It's true, we don't spend much time at home, in fact, since we purchased our park model back in July of 2008, we have probably only spent about a total of 60 days at home together.  I've had the pleasure of enjoying it by myself while Craig has trained, but together? not so much.  So after three weeks away in Walla Walla, and Craig out on the road training, and the limited amount of time we have spent at home in the past, you can understand how excited we are to have Craig take 10 days off and spend it at home!

I left Walla Walla around 4am on Thursday, and drove to Spokane to pick up Craig, who was anxiously awaiting my arrival.  We made a beeline for home and have been just taking it easy yesterday and today.  Other than my BFF Cori, who spent a girls only weekend with me back in Dec of 2008,  we will have our first official visitors to our home tomorrow when Craig's parents come to visit.  They are flying into Spokane and will drive out to see exactly where, out in the boondocks, that we live. 

Because of the size of our teeny tiny home, they will have to stay at a hotel in north Spokane, but we have planned a few activities for them, even though the forecast is for rain.  After all, this is the pacific northwest, and we are supposedly on the drier east side, but it does get it's fair share of rain and snow.

I'll be posting some updates during our time off about some of our activities, but I must confess, we plan on doing a whole lot of nothing during the next 10 days, and that's okay with me.  We'll be back on that truck and the hustle and bustle of trucking soon I think I'll pour us another cup of coffee and enjoy the view out to the river.

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