Monday, September 28, 2009


After leaving the rest area, we made a day of driving and stayed in French Camp, CA. We were able to get a great night's sleep, and then hit the road by 5:30am. It was a nice relaxing driving into the Los Angeles, with a stop at Wheeler Ridge for fuel. We got into the company yard in Bloomington around 2pm, where we received our appointment time for Stater Brothers in San Bernardino over the QualComm. Wouldn't you know it????? It was for midnight, Sunday night! Just when you think you are done with the middle of the night driving, it comes right back and pulls you in again.

With time on our hands, we settled in and made ourselves comfortable. What wasn't comfortable???? The blasted heat that is lingering here in California. Didn't anyone notify Mother Nature that it is the end of September??? I kid you not when I tell you that after visiting the driver's lounge and returning to the truck, the door handle was so hot you almost couldn't touch it. A check of the temperature, with it radiating off the metal trailers and asphalt, showed to be at 124 degrees! Time for being sequestered inside the truck, heat shields activated, and APU blasting.

While enjoying the cool blast of air, the QualComm beeped with a preplan to pick up bananas at the Port of San Diego Monday. That certainly gave us a good idea how the rest of our week will pan out. Sunday we did more relaxing and napping until we had to leave for the delivery in San Bernardino at Stater Brothers. We have been there once before, and with it being only 15 miles from the yard, we left at 11:15pm and arrived just in time for there "no arriving 30 mins ahead of time" policy.

The delivery went as expected, with a nice 4 hour detention, and time to cat nap to the jostling of the truck. Then it was back to the yard for yet some more sleep. We need to wait until noon, to get an 8 hour break in before we can head to San Diego and pick up the bananas. We should arrive around 2:30pm and then depending on how long it takes them to load the trailer will determine where we will make it tonight. All we know, is that we are 8 days and counting, from our well deserved home time and some cooler temperatures!

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Cori said...

Oh...It HAS been a hot summer my sister. BUT, the high here today was 77 degrees and I kind of think that is just about perfect. It was 44 degrees when we got up to get the kids off to school. It's 69 right now...kind of perfect. I can't wait to have you two here sitting on the cottage portch enjoying the view.


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