Thursday, September 03, 2009


One of the joys of being a truck driver, is receiving the message over the QualComm that you have been selected for a random drug test. This is the third time that Craig has received this type of message, and the first one since switching over to TWT. The first two were while we were on the boat fleet, once in Pharr, TX and the second time in Tracy, CA. I don't know if the down time had anything with being chosen, but with 9 idle trucks sitting in the yard in Bloomington, waiting for load, we were sure of one thing.........that Craig wasn't the only one having to pee in the cup. At least 3 other drivers were sent the same message to bob tail to a clinic a few miles away and donate some urine for testing.
As I mentioned, it seems that they are having a hard time finding loads for all of us stuck down here in LA, with 100 plus degree weather and smoke hanging heavy in the air. But after two days of sitting, and with the layover pay that comes with that, we were finally given an assignment to pick up bananas tomorrow morning. That assignment came none too quickly, as I can attest to the fact, that these rather hot conditions, can tend to make us a bit cranky, but ever so thankful for the APU. I feel so sorry for the drivers without one.

After receiving the load information, and doing the usual paperwork, I set about looking up the weather fore cast for Clackamas, OR. I am so very happy to report, that if it stays as they predict, I'll have be in low 60 degree temperatures and enjoying some rain by Sunday afternoon. Right about now, that is music to my ears.

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