Sunday, September 13, 2009


As I mentioned in my last post, this run we are on has a lot of time on it, with delivery not until Monday morning at 8am. After leaving Kettle Foods, we decided to stay the night at our fuel stop in Coburg, OR. We were able to get a prime parking space and settled in for a night of Internet and TV watching.

We had no need to get up early, and finally left around 7am with our next fuel stop in Corning, CA as our destination. It was an easy drive into Corning, where once again, with a great parking spot we sat back and relaxed the rest of the afternoon and evening.

This morning we woke up and took showers, then did laundry, fueled the truck, and had an easy 80 mile drive into Dunnigan, CA where we are staged for our delivery in the morning. It's only 10am and with tons of time on our hands, I just may finish my book I'm reading and still have plenty of time to play on the computer. Let's hope we can get a change of pace load assignment tomorrow after we go unloaded. Even LA is starting to look good about now.

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