Wednesday, September 16, 2009


If you want to know every little nuance of driving between Emeryville, CA and Salem, OR, we are the people to go to. Since the 8th of September, we have now had 6 dispatches which have taken us from Salem to Emeryville, with a couple of stops in Sacramento thrown in for good measure delivering potato chips.

There must be a massive need for these transformers, as yesterday, when we dropped in Salem, we were told to hook up to an empty dry van again, and head directly to Emeryville. When we got there this morning, we were told to take the loaded trailer to our Company yard in French Camp, drop it there, hook up to another dry van, and head right back to Emeryville to pick up yet another loaded trailer, and then head up to Salem as quickly as we can.

With the back to back dispatches, Craig's driving hours are getting slim as we have been using his maximum amount of driving hours the past three days, and will be left with only about 7 hours to drive tomorrow before we have to stop and be just short of delivering in Salem. I don't know when we will ever get a refrigerated trailer back, we figure they got a good two weeks to keep us on this routine, before they will need to head us up north for our requested home time in October.

One thing we know, it may be a bit boring, but when you are using all your available hours, you are moving, and if you are moving you are making money. That we can live with!

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