Thursday, September 10, 2009


It didn't take long for us to lose the nice cool temperatures we had while in the Clackamas area. As we headed south, I watched as the thermometer slowly rose higher and higher. We decided to stay in Roseburg, OR for the evening, after passing the Bayliner Boat Plant we used to go to all the time. It sure was shocking to see that their complex was almost empty of the hundreds of boats they used to have on their property. Looks like this is yet another boat plant that will be closing down due to the economy.

From Roseburg, we only had about 300 miles to drive to Dunnigan, CA where we were going to stage for our delivery in Sacramento this morning. Along the way, we stopped in Corning for fuel and showers. We were just about the only truck in the lot when we pulled in around 5pm, but come this morning at 3am, there was hardly room to maneuver our way out.

Our delivery at the Grocery Outlet in Sacramento went smoothly, as after our empty call was entered, any hopes of a nice Salinas run to Fresh Express was thrown out the window. We were dispatched to the PG&E complex in Emeryville, CA to drop off our empty trailer and then hook up to another dry box trailer loaded with transformers to be taken right back to Salem, OR.We were able to miss most of the Bay Area commute traffic and arrived in Emeryville at 9am. By 11am we had jockeyed around four trailers and were finally hooked up to our loaded trailer and heading back out of the Bay Area. We did our calculations, and with the driving hours Craig had left we knew we would be able to make it into Weed, CA for the night. I have mentioned this restaurant before, but you will really be doing yourself a disservice if you are in the area, you do not stop at Dos Amigos Mexican Restaurant. This is now our favorite place for Mexican food, and you can not get better service anywhere, from the made from scratch corn or flour tortillas, to the special roasted jalapeno peppers. It is always a treat when we can make a stop their for a meal. The load we are on isn't scheduled to be delivered until Saturday, but we were already told we can drop it tomorrow. We plan on being on the road by 6am and making our delivery by noon tomorrow. Hopefully, that will put us in line for a good run this coming weekend!

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