Sunday, September 27, 2009


I'm sure I am like most of you, and wonder just where our tax dollars go and wonder just how much waste there is in government work. Oh sure, as Craig likes to remind me, "You are an ex government employee", and I can tell you that I saw my fair share of how freely the money can flow. So every time we cross into California, and have to go through the Agricultural Inspection Station, I do my usual rant on what exactly is it that they really do?When we approach, we always have the bill of lading ready for them to check. What strikes me odd, is that as the Inspector comes to the driver's door, they hardly glance at the bill of lading and wave us through. Now most bill of ladings, you would never know what it is we are hauling by looking at it. Further more, when we are empty, Craig just announces that "I'm empty", and they wave him through without so much as a second thought, even though there is a big sign saying "all empty trailers will be inspected". So what exactly are they looking for? I'm convinced that the State of California could save some major bucks by rethinking how they do this agricultural inspection, but what do I know? Craig on the other hand, is convinced that someone will read this and make a point of pulling him in for an inspection. Somehow, I doubt that will be the case, but boy will I be eating my words should that happen!


all things bradbury said...

boy do i know what you mean!...i think the exact same thing everytime i go thru one of these in california and texas....not that i'm asking for the hassle of a real inspection, but you do have to wonder just how they know whether your safe or not by just asking what you're hauling or if y ou're a us citizen......i have the upmost respect and admiration for all the folks that work to keep us safe but sometimes you gotta wonder about the way it gets done!

Jennie said...

I've always wondered about those stations. Just never really got it. It's disheartening to know a truckers wife doesn't get it either. lol

Aaron the Truck Driver said...

HEy, i know that inspection station. Its upper east. In Dorris? I love that backside run down to weed.


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