Sunday, September 06, 2009


When it was all said and done, we sat for 9 hours before being called to the dock to get our organic green bananas from Ecuador. It took them all of 15 minutes to load them into the trailer. The only thing that made the wait worth while was the detention pay for sitting that long, and hopefully the pleasure someone will get eating those darn bananas.

With an 8 hour break, we were able to do a split sleeper berth on the log books, and with having been in hot, muggy, smokey southern California since Tuesday, was it any wonder we wanted to get the heck outta Dodge, if for nothing else but a change in scenery. So after scaling out legal, we headed north and managed to make it over the Grapevine into Lebec, CA by midnight. We had a fuel stop there, and after discussing it, decided to just call it a night and we hit the sack.
Up earlier than we had hoped the next morning, we were sitting in the cab eating our breakfast, when I started noticing movement on the ground in front of us. I focused my eyes a bit, and noticed quite a few chipmunks scurrying to and fro. Not only were the chipmunks out, but also some rabbits. It was entertaining for all of about 10 minutes watching them, and then the lure of the road beckoned us.
The drive up Interstate 5 was uneventful. It was nice to see some strike teams from the fires in Los Angeles were being sent home. Couldn't help but give a silent shout out of thanks to them as they drove past us. We made it into Corning for the night where we began to feel just a wee bit of relief from the heat we have endured the past week. Speaking of that heat, check out our PrePass monitor.......the temperature must have been so hot through the windshield that it melted it from where it was adhered to the windshield.
We woke up this morning very rested, and proceeded to take showers, do laundry, and enjoy a nice hot breakfast as we waited for our clothes to dry. Our plan for today, well , we really don't have a plan, other than to just drive until we feel like stopping. We have less than 500 miles to our delivery in Clackamas, and several options for places to stop within 30 to 150 miles from the receiver. That's my cue to just sit back and enjoy the ride, and that's exactly what I plan to do.


adozeneggs said...

I hear the commercials for Pre pass on Sirius all the time.
I could never figure out if it was Free pass or Pre pass.
Now I know.

Anonymous said...

It agree, rather useful piece


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