Thursday, April 30, 2009


All it took was for a day to have Craig in the passenger seat, and a gentle reminder to take some photos and a whole new world opened up to him. I really had to bite my tongue, when he commented to me how hard it was to sit in the passenger seat, when he knew there was a lane change his trainee needed to make, and he didn't respond quickly enough..........well duh!!!! Welcome to my world!Upon arriving in San Diego, and calling the receiving house to see if they were ready with the load, they had to stage in National City, just a few miles away to wait for their Ecuador organic bananas to be ready. But by noon they had been called into a dock and loaded and moving north towards Pullaylup, WA.

All along the way north out of the LA basin area, Craig was sending me commentary on their route. You can see from the first picture, just how serious he is taking this passenger seat duties. I guess from watching me the last three years, he learned quite quickly just how comfy it is to put your feet up and enjoy the views.
Although they left rather late from San Diego, they didn't run into too much commute traffic, since Don was following his routing, instead of what Craig would have normally done, and cut north to hit Interstate 210 to totally avoid the heart of the City of Los Angeles. It may be a few miles longer, but it saves so much time wise and sanity wise.
Craig continued to send me photos, along with this shot and comment asking, "Why do they call it the Grapevine, when there are no grapes and only weeds"? Which made me comment back to him, "It's amazing what you notice when you're not driving, right"? With so much time on his hands to sit back and just enjoy the lack of scenery in this particular section of California, his mind was working overtime. I about snorted out some water I was drinking through my nose when I read this comment he sent me before shutting down for the night...........

I see so much in this seat. Haven't missed a turn yet. I think I may use the time to be a blog correspondent . First piece. What is new in 2009 trucker fashion. With pictures. A new meaning to the belly shirt.

Now you know why I love this guy so much....never a dull moment!


rosemary said...

OK.....Craig is the funny sense and maybe in the sense he is not with the foot shot....quite the life of Riley

Anonymous said...

got to love the slippers, he sure looks relaxed maybe you will have to learn to drive as he doesn't seem to eager to give up the passenger seat.


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