Saturday, April 04, 2009


Thursday morning we drove into San Diego and arrived at the port around 9am. We were surprised that only 5 of the 6 docks were occupied, and happy to be assigned dock #6 to await our load of bananas. Usually it can take up to 4 hours to get the trailer loaded, but today they moved especially fast and we were loaded and ready to scale in just two hours. This put us well ahead of the commute traffic while we headed out of the LA basin area.

We stopped at the Petro in Wheeler Ridge, CA and enjoyed a nice relaxing evening knowing that we had two easy days of driving ahead of us. While we were there, we heard this buzzing sound and looked out to see a guy playing with his remote control car in the parking lot and the dirt lot across from us. He must have really enjoyed it, because he stayed out for well over an hour driving and crashing that car into the dirt. By 6am on Friday morning we were headed north with our sights set on the Starbucks in Santa Nella, CA as a spot to stop and treat ourselves to a nice cold refreshing frappacino. While walking back to the truck, Craig noticed a trailer tire that needed to be replaced so we headed to the company yard in French Camp to have it replaced. About 90 minutes after arriving at the yard, we had a new trailer tire and were headed to the casino in Corning as our place to stop for the night.

This morning we again left at 6am but stopped two miles up the road at the Petro for our fuel stop before continuing on our way. It has been a gorgeous day of clear blue cloudless skies and cool temperatures. There were an abundance of RV's and motorcycles out, no doubt taking advantage of spring break. We have made our final stop for the day in Aurora, OR tonight, with only 23 miles left to go in the morning to Clackamas, OR to deliver the bananas. We never quite know what to expect whenever we go empty in Clackamas, but if I have my choice, it would be a return trip to Tillamook, OR., but I'll just have to wait and see where the weekend dispatcher ends up sending us.


Mark Krusen said...

That picture of the mountain in the background is awesome. What was the temperature out?

CRAIG and DIANE said...

Mark -

Going over the mountain passes, it was about 50 degrees. In the valleys it was in the 60's. We couldn't have asked for better weather!

rosemary said...

Steve's mom lived in Tillamook for about a is beautiful there for 3 months of the year and then all it does is rain. They had to replace their deck because of mold every 2 years.

Anonymous said...

The job often finds me in Santa Nella. I will be sure and keep one eye open for your "home on wheels." Opie


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