Tuesday, April 21, 2009


The drop in Clackamas, OR at the Safeway DC went very well. We racked up almost 4 hours of detention pay, which delayed us long enough to arrive not too terribly early for our next assignment at Chevron USA in Portland. We have been here twice before, and knew the routine about backing into their lot so as not to have a blind side back into the dock. We were very excited to know that not only would they take us 4 hours early, but that they were ready to load our trailer as soon as we got into the dock!

In short order our trailer was loaded and we were headed back to Troutdale one more time to fuel up and scale the load. Having been loaded as early as we were, we knew we would have no problem getting into the company yard in Spokane for the night. What we didn't expect was that we were unable to receive any decent TV signal, as we were hoping to catch 24, but we'll just catch it on the laptop later this week.
With plenty of time for rest and relaxation, we kicked back and watched the one channel we could get, while playing on our laptops. With an 8am delivery, we could sleep in, but wouldn't you know it, we were both up by 5am. We took showers and then decided to load up our pick up with all the stuff we were taking home with us, in order to make our exit home that much quicker when the time came.We arrived a little early at the receiver, and were told to go ahead and back up to the dock for unloading. In under an hour, we were unloaded and headed back to the yard to drop the trailer and park the truck, but only after cleaning and vacuuming the inside, so that it would be nice and clean when we returned. Now we are finally headed home. It has been almost 10 weeks since we have both been at the house. We should have great weather to enjoy, a few little projects to do around the house, and a whole lot of sitting back and relaxing to do until we go back out on the truck on Friday morning!

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