Thursday, April 23, 2009


You know when you're reading a book, and you start the next chapter, and a turn of events happens you weren't quite expecting???? Well have we got some new and exciting news to share with you all. While sitting and relaxing Tuesday afternoon, Craig received a phone call asking if he would take a trainee, and he agreed. That means that I will remain at home while Craig takes to the road with another person occupying my passenger seat. You will soon learn another side of truck driving and experience the ins and out of what it is like to train a truck driver.

Of course, I will have to rely on Craig to relay all the down and dirty information to me in order to share it with you. I hope that there will be pictures to share along the way. This will not be a permanante change, but most likely a summer thing, and what better time for me to spend it at home. After all, we have had this house for just under a year, and have spent probably no more than a month here. Who knows, I may hit the streets and see if I can't find me a part time job to occupy my extra time with.

These will be exciting times for both of us and I can't wait to share them with you all!


Mark Krusen said...

Wow. That is going to be a change. Your going to miss being on the road. It gets in your blood and you just can't get away. Good luck with the new arrangement.

Mom said...

New adventures await.

rosemary said...

How long will Craig be training?

adozeneggs said...

That's exciting!
Just think of all the stuff you can do.
Although I couldn't imagine being apart from Dave for that long. When you work together, you become so much of a team.
Well if you were on the other side of the country I'd hire you for the summer to work the cupcake shop, (which isn't officially opening until Memorial Day).
But I guess that would be too much of a commute and I couldn't pay you for travel time!
Enjoy your time at home!


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