Saturday, April 25, 2009


So all that talk the other day about what an opportunity it was for me to finally spend some time at our house in Usk, WA and what do I do? At the first sign of day break, after dropping Craig off at the yard to get back to work, I take off south and head to Walla Walla, WA to spend a couple of days at my friend Cori's house. I guess like Mark commented, getting the lifestyle of the road out my blood just might take a while, if ever!Usually when we return to the road after home time, I get in the truck and put things away. Craig made no bones about it, since I wasn't going to be on the truck, that he would put things away the way he wanted! Ahem, I guess he told me, so off down the road I went to tend to my wounded ego at the nearest Starbucks. Pretty hard for my controlling personality to be in charge when I am 50 miles away and my mind has been deterred by a nice latte!Since parting ways, I have been enjoying my time in Walla Walla, marveling at the vast array of flowers that have been in bloom. My friend probably planted over 200 bulbs last fall and has been rewarded with an abundance of flowers to fill not only the guest cottage, but the main house as well.
Craig on the other hand, with not a flower in sight, and probably thankful for that, has met and got acquainted with his trainee Don, who has some previously truck driving experience, but it has been over 12 years since he has driven. They spent most of the day talking about themselves while waiting to receive a load. Wouldn't you know it, right out of the shoot, he gets something we have never had before.......a pick up at two different places.The dispatch was to respond to Americold in Wallula and pick up some boxed meat there at 3pm, then at 6pm, go across the street at get loaded at Tyson. Normally, at Tyson it is a drop and hook, but he was told to drop the trailer there and come back in the morning. Hey, what a deal! He'll take all that detention pay and get a good night's sleep.Today should find them headed to the Los Angeles area, where they will have three different drops to make on Monday, including the dreaded Ralph's, where the parking and dock area are so tight it's a miracle anyone can get in and out without scraping something.As for me, I'm going to enjoy another day in Walla Walla, and the beautiful flowers, and wonderful sunshine, before heading back up to the homestead, where I'm sure I will find lots to keep me occupied until Craig comes home for a visit in 3 or 4 weeks!


Jennie said...

Well those flowers are so gorgeous I'd want to stay wherever they were!!! Wow, so pretty, thanks for that blast of spring.

Anonymous said... know how busy things can be here at the Starview compounds....but, in my insomnia tongiht I decided to read your blog....I LOVE the photos you took of my flowers. You are good girl! Every day I am thankful that you are in my life. You have shared this dream with us since Day 1.....To have you here this weekend as the house finally nears compleltion means so much to me. I love you...

adozeneggs said...

I can't imagine driving a truck anywhere near L.A.
Craig must have nerves of steel.
Beautiful flowers! Enjoy the weather, it's another beautiful day here in VT.


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