Wednesday, April 22, 2009


When you don't get home very often, you feel the need to do something around the house to spruce it up. Such was the case with us. We knew we needed to start doing some type of landscaping, but weren't sure which direction we wanted to go in. With a trip to Home Depot, and wandering the aisles of the garden section, we thought we would buy just enough of what we thought we wanted to do, to see if in fact it was to our liking. So with the truck loaded down with a few stepping stones, and some bark nuggets, we headed to the house and were anxious to see the results. First of course, I had to supervise the placement of the stepping stones. There was some debate between us, but in the end I think they were placed perfectly for stepping from the house deck to the storage shed. Then the spreading of the bark began. As I said before, we only bought the least amount of supplies so that if it wasn't what we liked, it would not be a huge waste of money. As more and more of the bark was spread, we knew we were on the right track to making our lot look ever so much better.
We stepped back and surveyed the results and were quite happy with them. Then we started calculating what we would need for stepping stones to the street behind the house, and then the bark and greenery we wanted to spread and plant to fill in the rest of the open spaces. This was just to the rear of the house and OH VEY! Let's just say that we will have to take baby steps on completing this project, but it does feel good to at least start the process.


John said...

Looks very nice.

Mark Krusen said...

Yep, I agree. You picked the right mulch. You keep this up though and your going to have to go back out on the road to rest.

Mom said...


adozeneggs said...

I can't even think about all the yard work that is needed here.
I think we've decided on forsythia's to separate our property from the road.
The stepping stones and mulch look great.
enjoy your time at home!

Stone Veneer said...

Looks so great! Thanks for sharing.


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