Monday, April 06, 2009


Well, I didn't get to go to Tillamook after our drop in Clackamas, OR. We were instead directed to head north to Chehalis, WA to the Fred Meyer DC there to drop our trailer and await a load that would be ready Monday afternoon. We weren't given much more information than that, so we had no idea where we would be headed. It was nice just bob tailing around without a trailer, and we found a nice spot at a small truck stop only about 2 miles away. We really needed the extra time to sit as Craig was getting low on driving hours, but what made matters worse was that all we could find with our TV was PBS. We both puttered around on our computers and then a funny thing happened. Most other nights we are both ready for sleep come around 8am, even with TV shows on that we really want to see. Not last night. We were both wide awake and watching PBS until after 11pm, which actually had some great musical shows on, but we did have to put up with their pledge drive intermissions! By 1pm Monday, we were back at the Fred Meyer DC and picking up our loaded trailer. This particular run will have three drops, Yakima, Wenatchee, and Richland, WA. Another interesting thing is that we will travel on some secondary roads which we have never been on before. But leaving out of Chehalis we got a return trip on Highway 12 which we had the pleasure of driving on once before. It proved to be just as beautiful as the first time we traveled it. Our drop in Yakima went smoothly and we were headed to Wenatchee which is the apple capitol of the world or so the sign said, but I was too slow on the draw to get the picture of the sign. Everywhere you looked in the rural areas you saw nothing but apple trees. Must be a sight during the height of apple season! Craig never one to sit idle, helped with the unloading of the 18 pallets of goods, and for his hard work, the manager awarded him a gold star pin for his hat. He said he awards his employees one when they go out of their way to be helpful and wanted Craig to have one as well.With our drop in Wenatchee completed, off we headed south towards Richland. I was a bit disappointed since nightfall had come, and any new sights to be seen on the uncharted roads would have to wait for another time. I just knew I was probably missing some great photo opportunities since we followed the Columbia River for quite awhile.Arriving in Richland at 10:30pm for a 4am delivery, we were happy to have them unload us early. Don't know what the planners were thinking when they have us picking up at 1pm and not delivering our last drop until well after the 14 hour clock has expired. But no worries, we were in and out within an hour and headed to our company drop yard in Pasco, WA a mere 11 miles away. Now it's time for some well deserved sleep!

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rosemary said...

great adventure and photos once again.


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