Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I knew I wouldn't like it, and I knew it would be hard. No, I'm not talking about being off the truck, although I do miss it and Craig. What I'm talking about is trying to obtain information about what is going on out on the road and receive some photography from Craig. So far, zero photos and limited "detailed" information. So with what little I have to work with, I will get you up to speed on what Craig and his trainee Don have been up to over the last couple of days.

After their backing lessons in Fraizer Park, they left early Monday morning towards L.A. to make their three deliveries. Craig did all of the driving and come to find out, at all three places, he had to do blind side backs, but it must have been a good backing day for him, because he had no problems at any of them. All delivery spots had lumpers, so he was able to go through that process with Don and show him the ropes. By the time they pulled into the Company yard in Bloomington, CA, Craig had but 15 minutes left on his driving hours.

Like good little soldiers, they did their laundry and used the shower facilities and then kicked back for a nice relaxing night. That relaxing night, turned into a relaxing day on Tuesday, as the yard was full of drivers waiting for load assignments. By last Tuesday afternoon the new dispatch arrived for bananas in San Diego to be picked up this morning.

As part of his training, Don was told by Craig, when the assignment was received, that he would have to do the trip planning on his own, using only the tools he has available to him when he has his own truck. Since he doesn't have a laptop or GPS system yet, he was left to use just his map atlas, and any directions he could get from either the Qualcomm or from calling the Shipper or Receiver.

Since he doesn't have a TWIC yet, they will have to go to that tiny little receiving house, tucked tightly into a residential area near the port in San Diego. I remember the first time Craig and I went there, and it wasn't pretty. May the banana and trucking Gods be with them this morning!


Anonymous said...

By any chance you would you be the trucking god for Craig

CRAIG and DIANE said...

Ha Ha.... you know, as much energy and thought I give to his trips, I just may be!

rosemary said...

Sounds like not so much fun for Craig or you.....although it looks like Walla Walla was lovely. I can barely parallel must take Superman talent to back up a truck!

Jennie said...

No gps!? Oh I'd think a trucker would love one of those, though they probably know the roads better than anyone. Best Christmas gift my hubby and I ever got.

CRAIG and DIANE said...

I would imagine, once he is cut loose on his own, a GPS will be one of the first things he buys!


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