Sunday, April 19, 2009


We made it to the Flying J in Ripon, CA and were able to meet up with my Mom and two of my Cousins for a late lunch. Sure was nice visiting with them for a while, and then it sure was nice to finally go to bed later that evening after being up for almost 24 hours straight!

Being fully rested and raring to go, we took off towards our next stop which was La Pine, OR. About an hour outside of Corning, CA the QualComm beeps. I immediately say "OH OH, someone needs a load repowered" , and reached down to read the message. (You never get beeped over the weekend unless there is a change in your load) Sure enough, we were to head to the Petro Truck Stop in Corning and swap loads with another driver who needed to get into Spokane for a doctor appointment.

But wait a minute......we were suppose to go to Spokane as well for home time. So Craig placed a phone call into the weekend dispatcher, they put their heads together, and figured out a way to take the new load we would receive and drop it in the Troutdale drop yard. Then we would take a loaded trailer full of boxed meat from that same drop yard and deliver it Monday morning in Clackamas. Then if all the stars and planets are aligned just right, we will head to Portland after our drop in Clackamas and pick up a load headed to Spokane for Tuesday morning. We will only be delayed one day getting into Spokane and head for home, and for our troubles they gave us $104 layover pay to boot!

So far, half of that plan has worked out great. We are presently sitting at the Flying J in Troutdale with a trailer full of boxed meat chilling at 28 degrees while we chill inside the truck. We did manage to take a walk over to the Outlet Stores down the street this morning for a nice little walk. I refrained from buying everything I wanted and only purchased two tops. We do have an early wake up call in the morning for our delivery at the Safeway DC at 5am. All and all, we can't complain.......unlike this poor driver whose day just got that much worse when this happened to his rig on Interstate 5 yesterday.


rosemary said...

the whole thing sounds confusing to me....but then it doesn't take much these days to do that.

Jersey Girl said...

When you have time, stop by my blog. I have something for you!


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