Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Monday morning, after a short drive into West Sacramento, we made our first drop of the day. Finishing well ahead of our appointment time, we decided to drive to the only truck stop in Sacramento and take a quick break to call the next drop to see if they would take us early. While at the truck stop, I was able to get up close and personal with a large field of sunflowers. They are growing all over the Sacramento valley and they are absolutely beautiful. Receiving the good news that our next drop would indeed take us early, we started our adventure into San Francisco. With both of us having spent our fair share of time in the Bay Area, it is always a thrill to cross the Bay Bridge and get your first glimpse of the City by the Bay. I don't think either one of us ever gets tired of the views, and having the ability to be sitting up high in an 18 wheeler helped with getting some shots over the bridge railing. We were both thankful that the way into our drop would be a relatively easy one, just one exit off Highway 101 and two left turns and we were on a tiny little street with just enough room to back into an alley way to off load the meat. While Craig checked in, I was observing some unsavory fellows who seemed to be checking out the truck and it's contents. With my prior years in law enforcement, I was sure they were up to no good, but with a sigh of relief, they turned out to be, well how can I say this, some "local residents" the receiver used for lumpers. My suspicions about these characters were confirmed as a couple of them started fighting after the unload and proceeded to bust a side mirror on a truck parked near ours. Come to find out, the one responsible had just gotten out of jail the day before. I was more than happy to get the paperwork in hand, put in our depart stop, and get the heck out of there. As I had mentioned before, there was two more stops on this dispatch, but at 1am and 4am in Vernon, CA. No possible way for us to make those, so we were directed to head to the Company yard in French Camp and drop the trailer for someone with fresh hours to take it into LA later in the day.

At least with us going into French Camp, I could call my Mom and have her head that way to pick me up for a visit. Craig was getting set to enjoy a nice dinner with us when the QualComm started beeping with another dispatch. Reluctantly, he had to hook up to a dry van (non reefer trailer), which was loaded with transformers that needed to be in Salem, OR by today. He took off to make it to Corning for the evening, and my Mom and I took off to Modesto.

Currently I am melting in Modesto as the temperatures are in the 100's, while Craig is chilling in Brooks, OR after having delivered his transformers and is sitting at the Pilot truck stop awaiting further instructions. I've already told my Mom that any running around we will be doing tomorrow will be done before noon. A girl can only take so much heat!


Mom said...

Your pictures are always lovely.
You seem to know unsavory fellows when you see them.

Cori said...

Just taking a quick break to check the computer after an incredible dinner with our friends (remind me to tell you about my lasanga!). I LOVE the photos of the City by the Bay....where I was born and grew up...incredible...they make me a bit homesick...thanks for shiaring these...I wish you were here on our veranda tonight...I miss you!


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