Saturday, June 13, 2009


When we were finally able to leave the Pilot truck stop in Chemult, OR Friday morning, little did we know what was in store for us. As we enjoyed taking Highway 58 across Oregon, and taking in all the beauty around us, dispatch was busy with other plans for our day, other than a leisurely drive. About an hour into our driving day, the QualComm started beeping at us and we had our instructions that would occupy the rest of our day and evening. The first of the messages were to take the bananas and drop the trailer in the drop yard in Troutdale, OR. After that was accomplished, we were to hook up to an empty trailer that was there and deadhead to Wallula, WA to the Tyson Meat Plant where we were to pick up a load this morning at 9:30am. Craig had enough driving hours to accomplish all of that, so off we went for a full day of driving. We made it to Tyson by 8pm, and were informed our load was ready for us. So as Craig had done three previous time during the day, he parked, unhooked from one trailer and rehooked up to our now fully loaded trailer of boxed meat. With just enough time left, we drove to the Flying J in Pasco to scale and fuel the reefer, and then finally some down time to unwind and relax a bit.We have never really had any slow times with the refrigerated division of this Company, but I have to believe that freight is really moving hot and heavy, as everyone, including us, has been driving non stop for the last couple of weeks. We aren't complaining, as we like to keep moving, but as it turns out, we will be 2 hours short on Craig's 70hr driving clock to be able to deliver the meat in Vernon, CA on Monday morning. Anytime you can use up your 70 hours is a good thing and dispatch is already looking to hook us up with a swap somewhere between here and there. Stay tuned!

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Cori said...

This sunset shot is absolutely gorgeous! Just breathtaking....I think our sunsets here in the Northwest must rival any in the world...


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