Monday, June 08, 2009


After 6 weeks of being alone at the house, it was nice when Craig took some home time after his trainee bailed. As you read in previous entries, we went on a couple of treasure hunts, and even found plenty of rocks to take back with us to outline some of our landscaping at the house. I even convinced Craig to go along with me, when I met up with my best friend Cori, at The Farm Chicks Antique Show in Spokane on Saturday. Really, it wasn't so much antiques as it was old junk. But you know what they say, someones junk is another one's treasure.Craig called into dispatch Sunday morning to see if there was anything for us, and we were happy to receive a dispatch for Monday morning out of Spokane. That left us all day Sunday to relax at home and watch movies, although I did get some laundry and packing done as well. It's amazing how much stuff we actually take back to the truck with us. What is even more amazing is that we find room for all of it!Monday, after getting the truck all organized and cleaned up, we were told that our 11am appointment had been changed to 1:30pm due to them running late. We are picking up 42,000 pounds of chilled juice at Johanna Beverage Company, about 5 miles from the company yard. With plenty of time to spare, we drove across the street to the Petro truck stop, grabbed us a Subway and watched a movie in their driver's lounge. It was perfect timing, because when the movie was done, it was time to mosey on over a little early to check in for our load.

By 2:30pm we were scaling the load at the yard and then heading towards Milwaukie, OR (out skirts of Portland), to United Grocers for an 8am delivery tomorrow morning. We decided to call it a day at Biggs Junction, OR, which will leave us just a little over 100 miles to drive in the morning, but more importantly, we will be able to get a 10 hour break in. With fresh hours in the morning, we will have plenty of time to receive a new dispatch and get another load, after we deliver the chilled juice.

It was a long time to be off the truck, and more than once we both commented how it felt right to be back together again driving down the highway. Craig is not sure if he will be interested in training again, and of course, I will always take time off the truck to visit family and friends, but as we have always said, when we are in the truck together, we make a helluva team, and we couldn't be happier!


Mom said...

You are blessed, and you know it. How very lovely.

rosemary said...

Great team for the rock garden.

Mark Krusen said...

Welcome home

OTRjournal said...

Nice paint job on the outhouse! :)


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