Monday, June 22, 2009


After our drop last Friday morning in Spokane, WA, we were happy to grab a few hours of sleep, do a Wal Mart run, and enjoy a Subway for dinner. We had received our next assignment and decided after our 10 hour mandatory break was over at 4pm, to drive to Pasco, WA to stage for our load in the morning in Kennewick. Upon arriving at Columbia Cold Storage in Kennewick, we were backed into a dock and loaded to the gills with frozen french fries. Even the dock workers commented on how much product they were placing in our trailer. I got to hand it to them, they did a great job, as when we scaled the load, we only had 40 pounds to spare before we would have been over gross, and it scaled out perfect on all axels the first time through. Then we got beeped and knew something was up. Seems another driver had truck problems and couldn't make it to pick up his load. We were told to drop our loaded trailer at our drop yard in Pasco and then head over to Tyson Meats in Wallula, to take over the other load. We arrived around 1pm, but the load wasn't suppose to be ready until 5pm. Normally they are done early, but it wouldn't be the case this day. Exactly at 5pm, the paperwork rolled off the computer and we headed out once again to scale. Having started this day at 7am, we had just a few more hours to drive before Craig's 14 hour clock ran out. We made it as far as the Oregon border in Biggs Junction where we called it a night. Up and rolling after our 10 hour break, Craig put in a full days driving where we got to see the fields of sunflowers and enjoy scenic Shasta Lake. We arrived in Dunnigan, CA to stage for an 8:30am delivery in West Sacramento, CA this morning. This load has 3 additional stops, one in San Francisco, and two more in Vernon, CA. The appointment times in Vernon make it impossible for us to deliver those, so dispatch is already planning a swap in French Camp sometime after our delivery in San Francisco. Let's hope it is smooth going through that City and we make it out safe and sound!


Cori said...

Incredit photos Diane! Sounds like another busy week in store for you guys. I'm sure you dream of those lazy days back in Usk taking in the beautiful views from time to time. I love the those fields of gorgeous yellow!

rosemary said...

Beautiful sunflowers.....mine are growing...all 7 of them.


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