Saturday, June 27, 2009


It may have been a very quick visit, but I left knowing that a little over 24 hours later, I would be back in the truck with Craig. After being loaded with the french fries and legally scaled by 3:30am Friday morning, Craig drove through the rest of the morning hours and into the afternoon before stopping for his break in Weed, CA. By 2:30am this morning, he had more than enough sleep, and was ready to hit the road again, which meant that I would be able to get a visit in when he stopped at French Camp. What we didn't know ahead of time was just how quick the visit would be. Craig called into dispatch to let them know that he was way ahead of his Tuesday delivery, and as luck would have it, the weekend dispatcher was looking for someone to take a beer load which would be in the Company yard in Bloomington, CA whenever Craig could get there. While Craig waited for my arrival in French Camp, he took a shower, started laundry and was set up to participate in a safety meeting on a conference call. When I arrived, he was happy to do a taste test on the banana muffins with coconut lime glaze and gave them a big thumbs up. As soon as the safety meeting was over with, we gathered his clean laundry and muffins and headed back to the truck. A quick check of the QualComm, a hug and a kiss, and Craig was on his way south. With what hours he has left for the day, he will make it to Wheeler Ridge tonight, and then get into the yard in Bloomington early Sunday morning. Then if all goes right, he will have just enough hours to make it back to the Company yard in French Camp to pick me up by late afternoon tomorrow!

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