Monday, June 01, 2009


After receiving the load of apples which had 6 days to go 1200 miles, and then asking if they could drop early and get reassigned another load, Craig and Don have been running almost non stop since. After being told Saturday morning to drop their load in the Company yard in Bloomington, CA, Don finished up his driving hours, and then Craig took over and drove late into the night. He finally stopped in Lebec, CA, right before the Grapevine, and he took a few hours to sleep. Then after a power nap, he drove into the yard where they dropped the apples and hooked up to the bananas. (running into a small rain shower near Grass Lake, CA on the way to LA)

They also took the time for laundry and showers while at the yard, and after scaling the load, they were back on the road by noon. At 5pm, when Craig called, Don was still driving and had almost made it to the Stockton area. There were plans for a Wal Mart stop in Anderson, CA for supplies which were running low and then Craig was planning on driving some more last night.

They plan on getting into the usual staging place, the TA truck stop in Aurora, OR, tonight for their 7am delivery in the morning in Clackamas at the Fred Meyer DC. Since they are now able to run as "team drivers", the odds are that they will get a team load out of Clackamas to Phoenix. If that is in deed the case, thank goodness they got that APU fix. I'm sure they will need it in Arizona!

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