Wednesday, June 03, 2009


We live in a great Country, where everyone is free to express themselves. Exhibit A......this van that Craig and Don observed yesterday. As you can clearly see for yourselves, it is " The Never Never Van" What that exactly means, we don't know, but I much prefer the "earth people" vans with their cheerier rainbow colors and peace signs. How about you?The delivery went well yesterday morning at the Fred Meyer DC. The bananas were off loaded by 8am they were staging a few miles away in a large K-Mart parking lot. Shortly there after, they were beeped with their new assignment, to pick up juice and dairy from the Darigold about 5 miles away. They had to waste some time, as their pick up wasn't until 2pm.By 4 pm, they were on their way, scaled the load, and observed the aforementioned van on their way to Spokane, and the Safeway DC for a 6am delivery. Once again, it will be a team effort to make the delivery with both Don and Craig needing to drive in order to get into Spokane around midnight last night.

Good news is that I am going to drive into Spokane early this morning, on the off chance that they will have a little down time after their delivery, and maybe take a nice Starbucks break with Craig and spend time with him before he heads back out for another two weeks before home time. I'll sure be looking forward to it, as it looks like I at least have a 33% chance of going back out on the truck when he comes back home again.


Mark Krusen said...

What makes it a 33% chance?

rosemary said...

I love the staples lables....very clever. Why only a 1/3 chance of going out again? I hope Craig isn't too good a teacher and he will be lassoed into doing that all the time.

CRAIG and DIANE said...

Hmmmmm let me think about that. Craig will either sign off with Don, and be on his own. Sign off with Don, but keep him until there is a truck available, or sign off with Don and take me out on the road with him.

There has been an unexpected turn of events of which I will write about tomorrow! Stay tuned!


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