Monday, June 15, 2009


We left Pasco, WA Saturday morning after sending in our message about how far we could get driving for the day. It only took about an hour, before we received our instructions to meet another driver at the Pilot truck stop in Chemult, OR to swap loads. It was funny, when we pulled into the parking lot around 2pm, we were behind another TWT driver. Seems he was swapping loads with another driver too. It was like a well choreographed dance, watching as four tractors unhooked and then rehooked up to different trailers. As we said goodbye to the boxed meat, we took our trailer of apples across the scale. It couldn't have scaled out more evenly, and we were off towards Salinas, CA to Fresh Express for a Monday morning delivery. With a quick stop at the Company yard in French Camp to drop off some trip packets and refill our water jugs, we had just enough time for a "pit stop" at the Starbucks in Santa Nella, CA before getting into Salinas for the night and finding a parking space. We first thought about staying at Fresh Express, but seeing that there were still plenty of spaces at the truck stops, decided to stay down the street and come back in the morning. As was the case the last time we delivered apples at Fresh Express, they were in a hurry to unload us, as apples must be in short supply everytime we come here. It really doesn't matter to us, as Craig's driving hours are pretty much done for until Tuesday. In fact, after we finish up here, get the trailer washed out, and then drop it back at Fresh Express, he will be down to only about an hour left. That will leave us taking a nice long break at the truck stop, and hoping that the fruit vendors are out in force. We could go for some fresh strawberries and cherries delivered right to our door!

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adozeneggs said...

The photos in this post are amazing.
I almost didn't even read it!!
But I did!


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