Saturday, June 20, 2009


As I get older, I find staying up late has less of an appeal, and getting up early is now more to my liking. Why is that? I won't spend much time trying to figure it out, and just go with the flow, but what I can say is I am very happy to not be up with Craig driving all night long. We finally got out of that pattern after our unload in Spokane, WA Friday morning.

Here's another thought. While at the Flying J in Tacoma Thursday afternoon, I saw the truck driver parked next to us leave, and then a few hours return to his truck in the company of a young woman. Question.....what is the proper etiquette when this happens and then the truck next to you starts rocking back and forth? Divert your eyes to anything else around you, or chuckle to yourself and try not to let the movement out of your peripheral vision distract you too much? Thoughts anyone?

While perusing my favorite website I came across this cartoon. What a revelation it was for me, as here all along I always thought BFF was best friend forever. Boy, was I mistaken.
My final random thought is actually this quote I saw the other day........"Try not to get the Summertime blues, because apparently, there ain't no cure"...... I'll keep that in mind as we head south into the heat of California with our load of frozen french fries!

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Anonymous said...

Albeit the rocking movement would be quite a distraction, at least she wasn't a screamer! LOL
I got a kick out of the Shoebox BFF interpretation. I think that one will pop into my mind first from now on. What a hoot!!!! Denise


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